Lebanon kicks off renowned Baalbek music festival

Its prize exhibits include a 3,000-year-old limestone sarcophagus supported by four crouching lions.

“Today we are at a crossroads in Lebanon. We are starting to move towards rebuilding infrastructure in Lebanon and at the same time its economic vision is being formed,” said caretaker economy minister Raed Khoury.

You will discover a lot of restaurants that is able to give the tourists a taste of Lebanese cooking.

You will discover luxury and budgeted hotels that cater to the different needs and preferences of the holidaymakers. The Argentina is the country which is also the gateway to the most beautiful places on the earth. If your traveling down by the plane, car, or by bus to Argentina one has to get down the Buenos Aires which is the capital of this country.

You can see flamingos in great amount in the great salt lakes and Gaucho cowboys living in olden cowboy style. Pampas is known for the wildlife. It is a worth to experience the nightlife here. It is blessed with gorgeous beauties, unique destinations in both the highest and lowest points of South America. You’ll find taxis and private cars that might be hired to tour the country.

Becoming a visitor destination, there are a lot of hotels the holidaymakers can pick from.

The traveller attractions in Lebanon would be the cities of Beirut, Anjar, and Beiteddine.

Beirut is frequently known as the “Paris in the East”. All this largest cities are not just Argentina tourist attraction but apart from it there are lots more.

Get to know the village of Beiteddine, the jewel of tours in Lebanon

village of Beiteddine

village of Beiteddine

This year, the event will showcase Lebanon’s younger generation of pop stars, including Ramy Ayach, Aline Lahoud and Brigitte Yaghi, performing classic Lebanese hits as well as their modern repertoires.

When it comes to transportation, there isn’t a single issue.

the sightseeing in Argentina is spectacular featuring Iguazu Falls the most popular one to experience the tons of water over the cliffs and is also the gateway to Argentina. It is rich in cultural heritage and known as the best destinations in the South America.

The list is not yet over there are many more places which are known as the Argentina tourist attraction including Tiera del Fuego, Patagonia, Maendoza, Talampaya, Valdez Peninsula, Puerto Madryn. Cordoba is the greatest country and a colonial architecture preserved in it.

One can accommodate here with the great hotels and resorts if planned to extend the days of your vacation. The cities in this country are ranked like Cordoba is the second largest city, Rosario the third largest city and the Mendoza fourth largest city.

Anjar is renowned for its “Umayyad” collection whilst Beiteddine attracts holidaymakers for its Arabic architectural design and historical monuments.

But after a deal in 2016 that led to the first parliament elections for nine years in May, and as warfare in Syria has moved away from Lebanon’s borders, politicians have started to speak of recovery.

The lid bears the earliest known inscription of the 22-letter Phoenician alphabet¬† –¬† the prototype of our own Western alphabet.






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The National Museum helps to make sense of this cultural melee.

Argentina is the land with the assets of natural beauty and landscapes. Buenos Aires is the place where you can find Spanish architectures and cultures. The cuisine of Lebanon is largely influenced through the Arabic style of cooking.

Their dishes, that include salads, stews and vegetarian recipes, are flavoured with assorted spices and herbs.

The Argentina tourist attraction seeks the attention of many of the travelers to visit this place.

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