Michelle Bridges confronted by fat activists on The Project

Michelle Bridges became a household name after starring on The Biggest Loser for nine seasons.

But the personal trainer now admits the show couldn’t be made today.

Bridges went head-to-head with several fat activists during a round table on  this week and said: ‘When I look back on it, 17 years ago, it was a totally different culture back them.I don’t think that show would work today. In fact, I know it wouldn’t.’

Body-positivity activist April Hélène-Horton admitted she was nervous to meet Bridges in person, claiming that The Biggest Loser ‘was one of the most traumatic things that ever happened to me’, despite not appearing on the show or having anything to do with it. 

Michelle Bridges (right) appeared on The Project alongside fat activists on Wednesday to discuss the health and fitness industry

Bridges admitted that The Biggest Loser couldn’t air on television today due to the body-positivity movement

‘I hear you, I absolutely hear you,’ a sympathetic Bridges responded.

‘And going on a show like that back in the day, I really had to dig deep and question my morals around why I am in the health industry and why I’m in the fitness industry.’

The famed trainer first appeared on The Biggest Loser during the show’s second season in 2007.

She took over from Jillian Michaels  and starred as the red team’s trainer until 2016, when she quit the series for good.

Activist April Hélène-Horton (pictured) admitted that she was nervous to meet Bridges in person, 슬롯사이트추천 claiming that The Biggest Loser ‘was one of the most traumatic things that ever happened to me’

It was cancelled the following year in 2017 after the ratings dropped so low that it was moved to a daytime time-slot. 

Bridges used her time on the show to become a force in the Australian fitness industry, publishing more than a dozen books and landing her own line of goods and apparel at Big W.

She also appeared in video games on the Xbox and Nintendo and launched a body transformation course online. 

The Biggest Loser’s Shannan Ponton, Tiffiny Hall, Michelle Bridges, and Steve Willis are pictured on the show

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