Top 5 Places to See in Makati, Philippines

And the feature animation, located in the Cuckoo Cloud Land Theatre, will be brought to life with a variety of special physical effects designed to chill the audience including icy blasts and snow.

The Ayala Center is again a vibrant shopping mall with lots of specialty stores, branded shops, spas, cafes, restaurants, entertainment centers and cinema halls.

There are five malls within the complex so you are left with a lot of choices to shop.

Very close to the Ayala Museum is the GreenBelt Park and Mall. Along with eating, watching movies and shopping, you can indeed stay in Makati Hotels close to the mall and enjoy a safe stay.

Busy food market with lots of native fruits, drinks and cooked food. The gardens are well-kept and the pruned lawns are perfect for an evening walk.

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The open-air church is wonderfully designed with decorative lights everywhere.

The park is calm where many native children play, elders walk with their pets, and others enjoy the fresh air.

The Ayala Triangle Garden – a green paradise in the midst of the busy concrete city.

Huge trees decorated with a series of lamps gives a perfect party mood in the evenings. This is undoubtedly the most peaceful spots in Makati, suitable for couples as well as families with kids.






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If malls make you bored, you can make a move to the liveliest place in the city, namely the Salcedo Saturday Market. You will be spoilt with choices as there are native stuffs, french dishes, BBQ’s and lots more than you expect.

Apart from food you can also buy arts and crafts for a less money. This area holds all cheap hotels in Philippines, so this is undoubtedly a backpacker’s zone with breakfast starting from a few pesos and accommodation mostly cheap.

Shopping opportunities are extremely high here!

You can also head here to the Power Plant Mall to enjoy a movie or to shop.

Most cinema-goers would agree that the recent popularity of 3-D movies has changed the way they go to the cinema as the movie is brought to life before their very eyes.

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Next to the park is the mall where you could buy outfits and accessories of international brands.

There are a number of restaurants and dine-in spots where you can have a satisfying meal or dinner and of course ample of cheap hotels in Makati where you can accommodate comfortably.

Benches to sit, statues and fountains to take photographs and colorful lamps make the scene absolutely energetic.

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