Why is My Blink Digicam Flashing Purple?

Blink cameras typically show a strong purple light when the gadget has grow to be disconnected from its WiFi community, and there are various options for fixing this; one frequent strategy is performing a factory reset.

Locate the reset button on the back of your Sync Module wireless pan and tilt head use a skinny object like a paper clip to press it down, it will cause it to reboot into setup mode.


That is an all too frequent issue with battery powered blink cameras, often that means they’ve but to connect with the internet or fully set up their system.

Resetting the digital camera might assist resolve this challenge. To take action, press down on the reset button on the sync module for as much as 30 seconds and hold down on it till synchronization between your Wi-Fi router and camera has been restored.

Apply a small drive with something mushy like a pin or thumbtack (any sharp objects could harm the digicam) to push gently on the reset button on the back of the sync module, to modify from red mild to both blinking inexperienced or stable blue illumination. This could cease crimson flashing light and substitute it with blinking green or strong blue illumination.

If the red gentle on your Blink machine continues to flash, please reach out for assist from customer assist for further troubleshooting steps. It could also be essential to carry out a manufacturing unit reset as this could resolve this situation quickly; considered one of our customer service representatives can guide you thru the process for quick decision.

Wi-Fi Connection

When your Blink camera displays a crimson mild, it could point out it hasn’t related to your household Wi-Fi community. This concern could possibly be on account of anything from a router malfunction or outage at your Web provider – the easiest way to deal with that is to inspect and reboot your WiFi connection as required.

If the issue continues, strive performing a tough manufacturing facility reset in your camera. This can restore its default settings while clearing all of your knowledge from it. To complete this step, remove batteries (using something skinny like a pin or thumb tack to protect its reset button) and unplug.

Access the Blink app and select your own home. When the Sync Module displays blue mild and your Wi-Fi community’s title, faucet Uncover Units to reconnect the digicam again onto that community. If this would not help to resolve purple mild issues, contact native internet service providers for additional assist.

Network Settings

Quick pink flashes are widespread when cameras detect movement; nonetheless, persistent blinking pink lights may point out there is a matter ranging from internet connectivity points and battery failure to defective systems.

To resolve a Blink digicam that is constantly blinking purple, start by installing new batteries. You may do this by opening the Blink app in your smartphone and tapping “Settings” next to each digicam; then verify its Battery Status beneath Monitoring to find out whether or not your present batteries are passable or must be modified out for brand new ones. Blink recommends utilizing AA 1.5V Lithium non-rechargeable batteries when replacing these.

Resetting the system module by pressing its reset button may also assist. You will discover this button positioned on the aspect of your gadget and might use something thin like a paper clip to press it. After pressing, your Sync Module ought to reboot into setup mode so you can reconnect it with your private home WiFi community; although this course of might take several minutes.


Initial setup and system change require pink LED blinking patterns which are considered normal, which once connected will stop flashing and turn stable green and blue. If blinking persists after connecting to WiFi it might point out disconnection or points with batteries or internet service connection.

In case your camera is related to Wi-Fi however still flashing pink, restart it by unplugging its Sync Module for 2 minutes earlier than plugging it back in; this could reset and reconfigure its community settings.

If the Sync Module continues to flash red after you reboot it, its battery might have replacing. To do that, open up the digital camera’s house web page in your app, tap settings icon then select Monitoring and checking battery standing; cameras sometimes last between 1-2 years earlier than needing alternative batteries.

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